Meet Juan Uribe. He lives with 59 other boys under the age of 18 at Casa de Proteccion al Menor Senderos (House of Protection of Children) orphanage in Zaragoza, Colombia. 
One of our members met Juan a year ago while on a Rotary project fair trip.  Connecting with local Rotarians, they built a much needed outdoor classroom. It is a simple cement pad with a metal roof that keeps the hot sun off of the boys; to enable a better situation for both formal classroom instruction and recreational activities.
Recently, this same Rotarian brought fellow club members to see the project. Juan’s grateful smile and the smile on the face of our Rotarian, created a ‘call to action’ for the visitors. We were inspired by the transformation that the classroom is having on the lives of the boys. We are currently in the process of providing 15 computers and are refurbishing an office area so that residents have a place to meet privately with visiting health professionals.
Juan’s smile is one of gratefulness and excitement…and with 2020 Vision, he sees a bright future. This is the smile that encouraged us to be “People of Action”.
Together we Transform!