Safe and Humanized Childbirth - GG2350324

The direct beneficiaries will be:
            More than 1500 pregnant women whose births will be attend each year.
            More than 1500 newborns will receive postpartum medical care each year.
The population of Guadalajara de Buga, which at this time will be more than 127,545 inhabitants.
The population of the Northern Subregion of Valle del Cauca: 465,618 inhabitants and the Central Subregion of Valle del Cauca: 565.755 inhabitants.
The indirect beneficiaries will be all the families of the population served, who will not have to move to other cities, without affecting their family social and economic nuclei.”
Biomedical Team
COP Cost
Cost USD
Liothotomy table: Surgury table brand Mindray model Hyubase 3000
Lithotomy table accessories: 2 heavy pierces and the drainage vessel(bucket)
Transport incubator brand Advanced instrumentations A 3158
Doppler fetal marca edan modelo sonotrax PRO II