We are committed to taking on some of the world's most pressing challenges.  Through the generosity of people like you, our work has already made a difference around the world. Your gift allows us to improve communities globally.         
Our Projects:

Ready - Set - Go!

Every day on the water is another day full of experiences and learnings. Sailing is fun, thrilling, and at the same time relaxing. It asks all sorts of capabilities: thinking outside of the box, being observant as well as ingenious, all while basing yourself on fundamentals and humility towards nature's forces.
Therefore, I use my race preparation once more to raise awareness and funds for the basic education and literacy programs of the Rotary Foundation.
We are still indeed, "this close" to ending polio.
Once it is eradicated, we will no longer be spending money on it.
Polio eradication will be there as our gift to the world for the rest of time!!