Training of Teacher and Parents in Kenya
Training of Teachers and parents on Skills of Identifying and helping Children with learning disabilities in Schools in Simenya Sub-Location in Kenya

       In Kenyan Schools, the ministry of education has an  All-Inclusive Class Room System of learning. The children  with learning disabilities find it extremely difficult to fit and thrive in this kind of environment because both their parents and teachers lack the skills to identify/recognize the learning disabilities in order to advocate  for and promote their safe inclusion. These children are labeled and mocked as stupid by their parents, teachers and peers. They  struggle with stigma, discrimination/social isolation, verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Because of this, most of these children end up dropping out of school at early stages of their education. Without basic education, these children grow into illiterate and poor members of the society who are predisposed to social injustices of all kinds.

Surgical & ICU Unit Equipment Barquisimeto Venezuela

Venezuela, Lara State, Iribarren Municipality, City of Barquisimeto This is a humanitarian project to provide and assist in equipping a Surgical Unit and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for infants and children. The Hospital Funderosa of Barquisimeto is an existing facility with capacity for 100 beds although only 38 beds exist currently. Surgery and intensive care for infants and children are only available in the adult surgical unit that must be re-equipped and re-tooled each time such expertise is needed for infants and children. This Hospital is located in an area of low socio-economic status and is the only available health care facility for treating infants and children. Residents depend on this hospital for providing medical assistance, preventive care and various medical specialties at very low cost. The main objective of this initiative is to create and equip an Infant and Pediatric Surgery Room and Intensive Care Unit. With quicker access to qualified medical services for this age group, treatment and recovery outcomes will be improved and lives will be saved. Funding is complete. Global Grant # GG2011228 was approved by Rotary International July 1, 2020.

Yombra Village Water Project, Kenya

The Yombra clean water project is tailored for modern times engaging the 3000 residents to create water that is free of sediments, viruses, bacteria, and harmful minerals. The project has three qualities that foretell a successful outcome. The Host, Kisumu Central, is very experienced in international projects with the completion of another modern water project in 2018 that is almost identical to the Yombra project.
The communications with Host club and the International Club, Sarnia Bluewaterland, are excellent. The project covers the Water and Sanitation area of focus as well as Disease Prevention and Treatment and Community & Economic Development. The benefits to the community will provide sustainable drinking water to the village, neighbourhood primary school, health centre and preschool. Three thousand people will receive clean water supplied by a bore well and delivered by pipeline to kiosks.
The water will be pumped using energy from solar cells. A reverse osmosis and filtration system will remove solids, bacteria and harmful minerals. People will pay small amounts for their water using an cashless system operated on their cell phones. A Safe Water Committee will manage the system and educate the community using the WASH curriculum. The outcome will enable more children to go to school, decrease time wasted by adults transporting water, reduce abuse of women traveling alone, and encourage economic development.

The Rotary Global Passport Tulip Garden

They’re in bloom!!! We are excited to share pictures of the tulip garden that was planted by our member Pam Harrison and Rotary friends in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our club members are continuing Pam’s passion to END POLIO NOW by participating in the 2021 tulip sale (Ontario) and completing our ‘Walk Around the World’.

  The Future is Bright for Juan 

Meet Juan Uribe. He lives with 59 other boys under the age of 18 at Casa de Proteccion al Menor Senderos (House of Protection of Children) orphanage in Zaragoza, Colombia. 
One of our members met Juan a year ago while on a Rotary project fair trip.  Connecting with local Rotarians, they built a much needed outdoor classroom. It is a simple cement pad with a metal roof that keeps the hot sun off of the boys; to enable a better situation for both formal classroom instruction and recreational activities.
Recently, this same Rotarian brought fellow club members to see the project. Juan’s grateful smile and the smile on the face of our Rotarian, created a ‘call to action’ for the visitors. We were inspired by the transformation that the classroom is having on the lives of the boys. We are currently in the process of providing 15 computers and are refurbishing an office area so that residents have a place to meet privately with visiting health professionals.
Juan’s smile is one of gratefulness and excitement…and with 2020 Vision, he sees a bright future. This is the smile that encouraged us to be “People of Action”. 
Together we Transform!
Rotary Global Passport Helps Lebanon
Rotary Global Passport member Hala and several of our members have been working with other Rotarians to help send much needed assistance to Lebanon.  
Working with The Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford, much needed medical supplies, food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and school supplies are on their way.  You can buy a Lebanon Strong T-shirt and help with container #9!!
Contact Hala for more information at