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Congratulations Past President Caroline Kannwischer and members of Rotary Global Passport
2nd highest per capital giving to the Annual Fund (District 6330)
INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Project for any and all clubs
Project Overview El Nido (The Nest)
- To decrease mother and child morbidity and mortality among teenaged mothers;
- To improve access to preventive health care; and,
- To increase awareness of, and to provide information about, sexual and reproductive health.
This intervention project is geared to pregnant teens living in the Armenia, Quindío Colombia community to provide support and evidence-based information to improve health outcomes for mothers and their children. We believe that the empowerment of adolescent mothers must include a holistic process. We have divided our project into three stages that include:
1) preventive medical care during pregnancy, postpartum and training for self-care and care for the new-born;
2) psychosocial support for developing their life project (the mothers’ future plans for her and her baby) and to strengthen maternal/filial ties in the beneficiary's family environment. These lines are strengthened through a process of training in leadership, skills and abilities that empowers them and helps them gain autonomy; and
3) training opportunities in specific job skills to improve access to sustainable livelihoods.
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Rotary Club of Global Passport in the NEWS!

TRI-CITY AREA — For some, the practice of yoga is a passport to the soul. Others turn to the discipline for balance and strength—with each practice as individual as the practitioner. So when a Rotary Global Passport club member meets pratitioners seeking their soul on the yoga mat, some amazing things occur.

Rotary club efforts aim to serve their communities, and likewise, yoga is also about giving back—to family, friends, and humankind. Whether it’s through mindful action, generosity of spirit or making donations of time, goods, and/or money, area yogis recently stepped up yet again to embody the giving spirit.

Rotary Global Passport member and retired veterinarian Dr. Jim Sillers has long been a yoga student, both in Dina Miramonti’s ‘Dina’s Yoga’ classes in Capac and the Peaceful Moon Yoga practice in Imlay City. The Rotary Global Passport program offers members an opportunity to get involved in community service as their schedule and budget allows. Meetings take place online, and specific clubs include people from a wide geographical range.

Sillers’ club—district 6330—stretches from Flint to Port Huron and up into Canada—where a fellow club member proposed a community service project for the people of Sierra Leone. The member has ties to the country, which has gone through numerous disasters over the past several years.

The most recent—in November of 2021—devastated the capital of Freetown when a fuel tanker collided with a lorry at a busy intersection, killing 144 people and injuring many more in a fiery explosion.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and without hospitals equipped with burn units, the accident was especially devastating. The Passport member in Canada wanted to help.

“During a Zoom meeting the member presented the program and provided detail,” Sillers says. “We decided to try to collect some items to send to the people of Sierra Leone.”

Armed with a list of needs that included clothing, shoes, household and personal care items, Sillers brought the request to fellow yoga students, who embraced it wholeheartedly.

Before the two week drive was over, yogis came to classes with arms full of items that were on the list.

“It was surprising to collect so much stuff in such a short time,” Sillers says. “The donations completely filled up my van. There was not one inch of space left.”

Last week, Sillers took the donations across the Blue Water Bridge on up to London, Ontario where they were sorted and sealed into boxes. From there, the boxes will be shipped off to Sierra Leone, where the much needed supplies will be distributed.

“It is so great that Jim brings the idea of philanthropy to the mat, something that’s really important to me,” Miramonti says. “It was wonderful to see so many students participate.”

Thank you for supporting our End Polio Now Tulips 2022
Training of Teachers and parents on Skills of Identifying and helping Children with learning disabilities in Schools in Simenya Sub-Location in Kenya

       In Kenyan Schools, the ministry of education has an  All-Inclusive Class Room System of learning. The children  with learning disabilities find it extremely difficult to fit and thrive in this kind of environment because both their parents and teachers lack the skills to identify/recognize the learning disabilities in order to advocate  for and promote their safe inclusion. These children are labeled and mocked as stupid by their parents, teachers and peers. They  struggle with stigma, discrimination/social isolation, verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Because of this, most of these children end up dropping out of school at early stages of their education. Without basic education, these children grow into illiterate and poor members of the society who are predisposed to social injustices of all kinds.
February 23, 2020 marks the founding of a bold new provisional Rotary Club that is for people with a passion for International Service and Friendship.  
Come be a part of this new innovative Club and make a difference in the world.
Congratulations and Welcome!!
Rotary Global Passport has received official notification that our charter has been approved. 
We sent in our charter application earlier in June with 25 members and gained two more shortly after.  
We are club #91107 and are on record as officially being admitted to Rotary International on 18 June 2020.
We now have now joined a network of over 1.2 million members and 34,000 clubs that are doing good in the world.
We are People of Action!!
Rotary Global Passport becomes a 100% Paul Harris Club as one of our founding members celebrates his 75th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Dr James/Jim 
and thank you for all you do for Rotary and the Rotary Foundation!! The world is truly a better place because of you!!
Our members are learning from a pro.  Fellow global passport member James is a master gardener. 
This was re-landscaping project at the Octagon House.   This building houses the offices of the 4 County Community Foundation in Almont,  Michigan. The project was completed in partnership with The Youth Advisor Committee (YAC).
On International 'Women in Engineering Day', we celebrate our member Caroline Kannwischer as she demonstrates that female engineers are faceted and actually often volunteer not just for industry initiatives but also for the greater good...
Read how she feels about it HERE

Members of the provisional club of Global Passport are People of Action!!

One member launched a Facebook page called Seniors needing Necessities during Coronavirus, which now has more than 100 volunteers from across Windsor-Essex Ontario, Canada who volunteer their time to shop for and donate supplies to the elderly.

They’re in bloom!!! We are excited to share pictures of the tulip garden that was planted by our member Pam Harrison and Rotary friends in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our club members are continuing Pam’s passion to END POLIO NOW by participating in the 2021 tulip sale (Ontario) and completing our ‘Walk Around the World’.

Affectionately know as the Lynne/Christopher Tree Project
To celebrate Earth Day and Rotary’s new Environmental Area of Focus, fellow Rotarian Lynne Ternosky, a member of 6330 Passport ( our sponsor club) asked if we might accept the challenge of planting a few trees. We reached out to our members with the challenge. Before you know it, a few more funds were added and our International Service Chair Christopher organized the planting of 400 trees in and around a school in Kenya
Meet Juan Uribe. He lives with 59 other boys under the age of 18 at Casa de Proteccion al Menor Senderos (House of Protection of Children) orphanage in Zaragoza, Colombia. 
Our first FUNraiser for Rotary Global Passport was a success with the partnership of 16 other Rotary Clubs in District 6330 through the East Coast Kitchen Party.
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